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Cakes from LV's Bakery are made in a Cottage Food Operation that is not subject to Florida's Food Safety Regulations.

Allergen disclaimer:  LV's Bakery products may contain or come into contact with milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, soy and other allergens.  You agree to notify your guests of this risk.  LV's Bakery shall not assume any responsibility for any allergic reactions.

Cake servings are based on an average 1"x2"x4.5" slice, if more servings are desired, they can be cut smaller or a larger cake can be ordered.

All our Custom Cakes have 3 layers of Cake and 2 layers of Filling, per Tier.  All our Fondant cakes have a layer of Swiss Meringue Buttercream right under the Fondant.  This Swiss meringue Buttercream doesn't count as your Filling and can not be changed.  Our Fondant is fresh made, with a marshmallow base.

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