Latest Update July 01, 2021

If the Booking is done in person, your Order is reserved and confirmed only upon the signature of the Contract and when the deposit is received by LV's Bakery.  If the Booking is done online, your Order is reserved and confirmed upon the payment of the Advance, via online invoice.  Paying the Advance automatically means you accept and understand LV's Bakery Policies.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
The Deposit shall be received no less than 7 days before the pick up/delivery day.   The minimum Deposit shall equal 50% of the total balance and is required to reserve the date. 

Final Payment
Final Payment of the remaining balance, if any, is due 24 hours before the pick up or Delivery day.  If payment is not received by then, LV's Bakery will cancel your order and no Cake nor Refunds will be given. 

Any Reschedule of the Pick up/delivery day and/or time, must be made 7 days prior the pick up/delivery day stated on this Contract, and will be accommodated upon availability.  Reschedules will result in an increase in the total cost anywhere between 10 to 25%. Any aditional charges incurred from a reschedule will be included in the final payment.  You are entitled to Reschedule your Order One Time without a charge.  Reschedules will be valid up to six (6) months after the Pick up/delivery date stated on the Contract.

If you, the Costumer, decide to Cancel the order for ANY circumstance, a maximum of 50% of the amount provided as advance will be refunded, as long as the Cancellation occurs no less than 7 days before the pick up or delivery day.  If you, the Customer, decide to Cancel the order with less than 7 days before the pick up or delivery day, NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstance.  If for a Personal Reason, LV's Bakery has to Cancel the Order, a 100% refund will be given.  If a Cancellation occurs because of accidental death of the owner and operator of LV's Bakery, non refund will be given.  See also, Natural Disaster disclaimer.
Cancellations because of COVID 19 reason will not receive a refund.

At LV's Bakery, we take pride in our baked goods.  If you are unsatisfied with your baked good, after the product is on your hands, we require that you please return your baked good, complete, to us within 6 hours of receiving.  All refunds will ONLY be put on in-store credit to be used at a future date, with a max of 10% of your Final Total.
If the product gets damaged because of a weather reason, after the pick up or delivery has been done, no refunds will be given under any circumstances. 
Cake flavors and texture are subjective.  Monetary refunds requested due to flavor or texture after the cake (s) has been accepted and picked up/delivered will not be honored.  You may qualify for a store credit if the product is brought back to us and the quality of the cake(s) do not meet our standards (we always bake/decorate a sample of your cake to insure highest possible quality, so quality determination is solely at the discretion of LV's Bakery).
*See Cancellations Term.

Any Changes (design, serving count, flavors, colors...) must be made 7 days prior the day stated on your invoice, and will be accommodate upon availability.  Changes will result in an increase in the total cost.  Any aditional charges incurred from an order change will be included in the final payment.

Design and Sketches
Cake Design is a creative and organic process, LV's Bakery will do our best to replicate and create your selected design as closely as possible, using our creative license.
In case your Cake Design require a sketch, you are entitled up to one revision/sketch without charge.  If any revision take place thereafter, additional sketches will be provided at a cost of $25.00 per sketch.  Once your design is finalized, you are required to sign off on your sketch for approval.
Sketches will only be provided when the Design is an original LV's Bakery.   

Use of Photography
LV's Bakery reserves the right to take photos of your cake for our own use, display or promotional advertising, in any commercial, personal, non-profit or editorial projects involving advertising, print media, web site publication or broadcast without any compensation to you.

Cake Display
Once delivery and set up, or the pick up is complete, LV's Bakery shall not assume any responsibility for your guests', Barist's, caterer's or any other person's acts with regard to your cake, or any property damage or injury that occurs as a result of our services and/or provision of your cake.
It is your responsibility to arrange with the venue an appropriate spot for the cake, out of direct sunlight and away from heat and humidity, and it should be ready before the Delivery time, in case a delivery is scheduled.
LV's Bakery can not be held liable for damage on a cake that is displayed outdoors, since natural outdoors conditions such as hot weather, wind, humidity, or unlevel ground can weaken or ruin the infrastructure and/or decorations on a cake. 
The use of food coloring on baked goods has the potential to stain linens, clothing, furniture, and teeth upon contact.  LV's Bakery cannot be held liable for issues resulting from any choice of colors.

Natural or Non Natural Disaster
LV's Bakery will Reschedule your Order to the next available date, in the event of a Natural or Non Natural Disaster, or its consequences. a Natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and any other geologic processes. A non-natural disaster is caused by human activity and is often the result of carelessness or under-caution (e.g.  pandemic, terrorist attack). A 00% refund of your Advance will be given if LV's Bakery has to Cancel/Reschedule your Order for a Natural or Non Natural Disaster or its consequences. If a Cancellation occurs on your end, non refunds will be given.

2021 COVID 19
In the Event of a Reschedule because of a direct consequence of COVID 19, you have up to ONE YEAR to Reschedule your Custom Cake, without any extra charge.  Reschedules are accepted no less than 7 days before the Delivery or Pick up day.  If you decide to Cancel your Cake for COVID 19 reasons, no monetary refunds will be given.