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W E D D I N G  C A K E S

                                                 A love story!!!

And you want everything to be perfect! Whether it is traditional and elegant or glamorous and extravagant, your wedding cake will be an important part of your special day that you will remember forever.



As an Online Studio, we do our first Consultations Online. 
You'll let me know your Theme, the amount of servings that you require, and all your ideas!  I encourage you to send me pictures of the cakes that you like, the flowers and / or the decorations that you'll use, and any special element that you will like to be included on the design, so I can have a better understanding of your expectations.
I also need to know the exact address of your Venue, so I know where the wedding cake will be delivered.
Based on this information, I will offer you a design and give you the Starting Price for your Wedding Cake.

Once you are ready to Book and Reserve your day, you just have to let me know!  We will go over all the Booking details and the Advance/Deposit online as well.
The Advance/Deposit for Cakes over $500 should be equal to the 30% of the Starting Price.  
The Advance/Deposit for Cakes under $500 should be equal to the 50% of the Starting Price.
After your Cake has been properly Booked you will receive the sketch of your Wedding Cake, for your approval or changes, if needed.

Tasting Appointment
Once your Wedding Cake is properly Booked, we'll set the Tasting Appointment. 
Cakes over 100 servings will include a complimentary Tasting Appointment. On this appointment, you will get one sample without cost, per each tier of your Cake.
If your Cake is under 100 servings, or you do require a Tasting appointment before Booking, the Tasting Samples will have a Cost of $100, for the first 3 Samples.  This cost will not be deducted on the Final Cake Price if you decide to Book your Cake after.
Each sample is a 4" round mini cake (2 layers of cake, one layer of filling), decorated based on the Wedding Cake design, so you will not only taste our recipes, but also you will have the opportunity to visualize see the colors and textures that will be used on your Cake.
Extra sample will have a cost of $30.

This samples are for you to take home and enjoy with your fiancé and/or relatives.
Once you decide what cake/filling combinations you want for each tier of your cake, the Final Total of your Cake will be set.

Final Payment 
For Cakes over $500, this payment can be divided in two, if you require.
The last payment of the remaining balance of the Final Total has to be done no less than 10 days before your delivery day, in order to have the Delivery done.  Failing to do this payment will automatically Cancel your Cake and no refunds will be given. 

If you require in person appointments, each appointment will have a $40 fee.


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